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Hi, my name is Roselinde Bon and I’m a creative storyteller and web consultant. You probably landed on this page for a good reason. So, let’s connect and let me know: how can I help you tell your story?


Social Media & Storytelling Workshops

I chose the term ‘storyteller’ because I’m all-round digital content creator. Whether you’re looking for a riveting travelogue, spellbinding story, thoughtful think piece; I’ve got you covered, and I’m talking excellent texts and visuals.

What kind of content do I create?

  • Online and print articles for blogging platforms, magazines and journals
  • Columns, opinion pieces about the travel industry, new media and digital culture
  • Photography for print and web I create visuals for magazines, tourism boards, travel blogs and other (online) platforms
  • Social media content including tailored video content (i.e. Youtube, Instagram/Facebook stories, and IGTV)

I started blogging and photography in 2009, decided to start working professionally in 2016, and have since created digital content for several travel platforms, tourism boards, magazines, and educational organisations. I also have two university degrees under my belt, so I can switch from easy-going anecdotes to a critical analysis in seconds. Shoot me a quick message about your project (or send me a formal proposal, whichever you prefer) and let’s see if we’re a good match.

“All the things that I do and find important, the things I feel are worth my time, still make sense when I think of myself as a storyteller. All of it still works. Whether I’m writing, taking photos, giving a guest lecture, or creating a website, it doesn’t matter … I love telling my own stories, but I equally love helping others share their stories in creative ways.”

Public Speaking & Workshops

Speaking in public doesn’t scare me, they lift me up. I love guiding workshops, giving guest lectures and presenting ideas and topics that I care about. When I know people are listening to me talking about something I’m passionate about, I become the best version of myself. I’ve always had a knack for public speaking and I thrive when I’m telling my stories. And we can both thrive when I help you tell your story too. So, if you’re looking for a public speaker or workshop organizer based in the Netherlands, consider these questions:

  • Were you thinking of organizing a workshop about social media or digital storytelling? Or…
  • Are you looking for a digital creator with insider knowledge about the world of travel blogging and influencer marketing? Or…
  • Were you hoping to find a cultural analyst (Ma) with expertise about the wondrous world of new media and digital culture? Or…
  • Do you generally need somebody to turn your ideas into a powerful message and present it to the world?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, look no further and tell me about your event or idea.

Web Consultancy and Coaching

Aside from creating content myself, I advise and coach people to give them the tools and strategies to create amazing content themselves. I can guide you through processes like:

Learning how to write and publish for web CMS and WordPress, SEO skills & social media management

Designing and building your blog or website → Brand identity, goal audience & front-end development

Creating a social media strategy Copy writing, hashtag analysis, photo + video editing & community interaction

Please get in touch to discuss a customized consultancy package for your project.

Blog Collaborations & Press Events

I am open to blog collaborations that are related to travel and/or lifestyle or any other topic that might be interesting for me and my audience. If you are thinking about working with me by sponsoring an article or advertorial on my travel blog (Roselinde on the Road), do tell me about your idea!

In the past 4 years, I have also successfully participated in 25+ press trips around the world. Are you organizing a press event or press tip? Or are you looking for a freelancer to go on a press trip and cover a story for your magazine or website? Don’t hesitate to send me an email with the details.


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