Lately: Finally Snow Again in the Winter Woods of Breda

It’s officially winter! I’m sure we’re all back to school or work by now, but I thought it was high tide to post about my wintery adventures (my only adventure) of Christmas break 2014. Unfortunately, I didn’t really travel anywhere exciting. Then again, I got to see my hometown Breda like I had never seen it before. It looked like a real winter paradise when it finally snowed again after years and years of relatively warm december weather.

Finally Snow Again

One magical day in December, snowflakes fell and covered the ancient lands of Noord-Brabant (and also much larger parts of Europe). Lots and lots of snowflakes. We’ve been having pretty mild winters lately, so I was excited to wear mittens again. I think it was my first time seeing any snow again after two whole years, madness!

On the first day of snowfall I visited my grandparents for my opa’s 80th birthday. I couldn’t really go outside and play. Luckily, temperatures stuck below zero, so I cycled to the Mastbos to take photos of the remaining snow the next day.

Breda Mastbos

It was pretty hard to get there by bicycle (without falling on my dainty derriere anyway). When I arrived, I noticed that other people must have had less trouble travelling by car. I have never seen the Mastbos so crowded. Nevertheless, it was actually quite pleasant to see so many people out with their kids, attempting to sledge off of non-existing hills (a very big problem in the Netherlands).

I ended up taking so many photos that I had to split them up into multiple articles, so please check out some more winter-wonderland photos in my latest post: Dutch Winter Time in 13 Photos.


6 thoughts on “Lately: Finally Snow Again in the Winter Woods of Breda

  1. Great photos, Roselinde. Snow and cold…, we have plenty where I live and more promised in the next two days. I don’t enjoy it anymore like I did years ago. Now it’s just something I have to shovel and clear away. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Thanks! Yes the snow is always great for a few days, but I remember it gets pretty annoying to cycle on slippery bike lanes. I remember harsher winters when I couldn’t wait for spring.

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