When Autumn Arrives in Amsterdam

The summer season in Amsterdam is usually like a fleeting, intoxicating dream that somehow fools you into thinking it will last forever. You go along with it, since you still can, but deep down you know it’s not true. It’s like listening to a decades-old song about feeling young forever and procrastinating reality, dancing around with not a bone in your body that creaks or cares.

The days last so much longer than usual, with the sun only sinking below the horizon when you crawl into bed. You meet up with friends to have lunch or drinks and unknowingly chat on the outside terraces for hours on end. Summer slurps time away like lemonade and we’re all playing along like wasps, chasing the sweet taste of new memories being made.

When Amsterdam Turns Gold

Yet flowers that bloom forever only exist in fairy tales. And when autumn arrives in Amsterdam, it enters the golden phase in its life cycle; like a candle gracefully, yet pitifully beaming the last of its dying light. The days turn crisp and lose their soft edges. The city becomes introspective as the evenings are falling like curtains, just before the show reaches its final act. Evidently, autumn is the best season for photographers. It’s painfully beautiful and you can’t possibly look away.

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