WEEKLY: Sunset Cycling

Another week has passed; time for another Weekly update! This week I posted two summer-themed blog posts, finally went to the dentist, did some sunset cycling, and visited the historic town of Dordrecht. There was also a nice little surprise when I went to pick up my diploma in Amsterdam. During the weekend I had fun with friends and family whilst visiting SAIL 2015 and swimming in the (blistering) sunshine.

Monday: Blogging All Day Long

On Monday I didn’t go on any exciting outdoor adventures. I never seem to be very motivated to do anything grand on Mondays. I updated my blog with the previous weekly and also prepared and Tuesday’s post about the Summer Palace. Quite a lot of work went into that. Overall, still a productive day!

Tuesday: Visiting the Dentist

Then, Tuesday came. I started the day with nice brunch and had a dentist appointment at 4 pm. I’ve never been afraid of the dentist. In fact, as a child I actually quite enjoyed our family visits to the dentist. Nowadays, all I have to look forward to is the very possible prospect of another cavity and most definitely a painful clean-up session to follow.

That’s exactly what happened this time as well. It was only a small and superficial cavity, so I opted to go without anesthetic. Still hurt like a mothertrucker! I had to clean the blood off of my chin afterwards. But at least I got it over with, my teeth feel sparkly clean! Afterwards, I cycled to my parents’ and we had Chinese food for dinner (don’t worry, I waited more than an hour before eating again).

Wednesday: Sunset Cycling

Sunset cycling.

Wednesday I woke up to some very strange noises. When I opened the curtains I witnessed a very tragic hazing process. I guess most students are getting ready to go back to school again. The poor girl was running around trees, making elephant noises, and doing stripper dances.

After a job interview in the afternoon, I met up with my mom at IKEA to get some stuff for my kitchen. In the evening I decided to enjoy golden hour and went out to do some cycling around Breda. I saw lots of people out fishing. Summer should never end!

Thursday: Dropping by Dordrecht

Thursday I had a fruit-filled breakfast bowl and decided to go on an excursion in the afternoon. I wasn’t sure where to go, but I had heard nice things about Dordrecht. I had never been to Dordrecht, so I decided to catch a train and explore the historic town centre. It was actually a very pretty place. Blogpost coming soon!

Friday & Saturday: Nice Surprise and Sail 2015

On Friday I travelled to Amsterdam to pick up my diploma at AUC. When I opened the folder there was a nice little surprise. I had calculated my GPA before graduation and expected to graduate Summa Cum Laude. When the day arrived, it was actually stated to be Cum Laude. I figured I made a mistake, I’m not especially talented at maths anyway. I don’t know what went wrong there, but I’m happy to find out it was Summa Cum Laude after all! Whilst picking up my diploma I caught up with some friends and later had dinner with my sister.

Saturday morning I first finished writing and published a post about the beautiful Heidestein Estate. In the afternoon me, my sister, and my mother went to Amsterdam Central Station to go and see the tall ships that were participating in the SAIL 2015 event. It was crazy busy with way too many people, so we only stayed for a little less than two hours. We went back again in the evening to catch the fireworks.

Sunday: Swimming and Sunburns

On Sunday my friend Esther and I went to the Galderse Meren to have a swim and enjoy the sunshine. It was a great day. I even managed to eat an ice cream when the ice cream truck came by. Unfortunately it seems we enjoyed the sunshine a little bit too much; we both got sunburns! Ouch. Applying cream as we speak.

Last week was a great week! I managed to cross out a lot of things off my to-do lists and had plenty of fun while out and about. I hope this week will be just as nice. Just maybe without the bloody mouth.


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