WEEKLY: Monument Marathon

Hi there! What have you guys been up to? This week was pretty much my last week of summer vacation. The leaves are really starting to turn colour now. Are you excited for autumn? I have to admit it’s little bit sad to realise the end of summer is near, but I had a great time this week. Lots of excursions!

Monday & Tuesday: Potting Plants

Monday I posted the previous WEEKLY update and continued where I left off on Sunday. I did some gardening and moved more plants back in the greenhouse. Sadly, I’m not very confident many of my tomato plants will survive, since most seem to have been infected with some kind of disease. On the other hand, my bell pepper seedlings seem to be doing better, so I’m remaining positive.

Wednesday: Visiting Bouvigne & Pizza Dinner

After days of rainy weather, Wednesday was the first sunny day. I had been planning to visit the gardens of Bouvigne Castle in Breda for a while, so I finally decided to go. I cycled past this cool mural next to a new Sushi restaurant on the way there. I took my camera and took plenty of photos, so I’m preparing a blog post. I hope you’ll like it!

After visiting the gardens for a while I still had most of the afternoon left, so I crossed the street and went on a nice bike ride through the Mastbos. This local woody area is celebrating its 500 anniversary this year; it’s one of my favourite spots in Breda.

Late afternoon I went to shop for groceries. My mother was going to come over for dinner, so I prepared a salad and pizza for dinner. Technically, I didn’t really ‘cook’ at all, but I did make caramel and banana pudding for dessert.

Thursday: City Trip to Maastricht

Thursday was the second sunny day of the week so I planned to go on a day trip to the city of Maastricht. After three delayed trains, I finally managed to step foot in Limburg! I explored the city centre, visited the Vrijthof, admired historic churches, and strolled along the remains of the old city walls. I also did a little bit of shopping, since I needed a comfortable yet normal-looking pair of heels for an upcoming formal event.

Friday: Food Log & Foot Appointment

Friday was another sunny day! I posted a travel food log about my culinary adventures in Beijing in the morning and had an appointment for a pedicure in the afternoon. It was my first ever pedicure, so I had expected my feet to be all awful and covered in calluses, but the pedicurist told me they were actually not in bad shape at all.

Weekend: Monument Marathon

This weekend was the national Open Monuments Day or Heritage Day (Open monumentendag)! Every year, about 4000 monuments and heritage sites open their doors to the public, no admission fees. I had been looking forward to this year’s edition and planned to visit lots of monuments. On Saturday I visited the town hall, the Grote Kerk (Big Church) or Church of Our Lady, and the Begijnhof (Béguinage).

On Sunday I joined my parents and visited the Koepel (the Dome/Cupola), which used to be a prison for serving long sentences until about a year ago. It now houses asylum seekers, although there were plans to convert into a hotel or student housing. I ended up visiting some more monuments as well, so I will be writing a few posts about my hometown’s heritage the next few months. I hope you’ll be interested!


As I said, I had a great week. This week is going to be very different, although probably also really exciting. I’m flying to Bologna for a conference and will be staying there for the remainder of the week. I’m a bit nervous, but I can’t wait to go to Italy!

I will definitely be bringing my camera along, so I will tell you all about my visit to Bologna when I get back. It will be a bit of a busy week, so I’m not sure if I will be able to post the next WEEKLY on time. I will most likely have to skip this week’s edition, but I hope you won’t mind.

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Bologna is a terrific place for historic buildings – the Basilica di San Petronio, the Archiginnasio Palace with its reconstructed Anatomy Theatre ………………. Sneak out of the conference and you’ll see for yourself.

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