WEEKLY: Marshmallow Party

Hi guys! I’m sure you’ve noticed; it’s September already. Now, I know people like to say summer is over as soon as school/work starts again, but they are wrong! Summer lasts until September 21, OK? Yes, I might be in slight denial, but I’m still right. Anyway, time for another Weekly update.

Monday: Snotty Business

This week was a bit of an unbalanced one in terms of activities. After I got back home with a really bad sunburn on Sunday, my pre-existing cold also got a lot worse. I barely managed to sleep during the night and spent the next day (Monday) wiped out on my couch. I had to blow my nose so many times that the skin around my nose got all red and flaky (very charming). Needless to say, I didn’t manage to go outside or do anything exciting that day.

*This post was definitely not sponsored by Kruidvat.

Tuesday: Appointment in Utrecht

Tuesday morning I forced myself out of bed and caught the train to Utrecht for an appointment. After the appointment I decided to walk around the city centre for little bit. Utrecht really is a beautiful place. I then also went shopping for a birthday present for my sister and made it back to Breda in time to have dinner with my parents and siblings. I checked my vegetable garden before I went home (it’s in my parents’ garden) and found a heart-shaped potatoe!

Wednesday: Staying Indoors

After forcing myself out of the house for that appointment in Utrecht on Tuesday, I woke up still feeling pretty ill on Wednesday. I took it easy and stayed at home for the most part. I did manage to take some pictures of my breakfast and lunch, although I actually couldn’t really taste anything because of my stuffy nose.

Thursday: Recovering and Blogging

On Thursday I still felt pretty bad, so I made myself a healthy breakfast: Porridge with frozen cherries and cinnamon on top. Other than resting, I spent the day selecting and editing photos from my visit to Sail Amsterdam 2015. I later published them in a new blogpost!

Friday: Den Bosch

On Friday I wasn’t back to feeling a 100% just yet, but I had gotten really frustrated from spending so much time at home. I only had a few days left to travel with student discount, so I decided to drop by Den Bosch in the afternoon. Turns out it was summer funfair in the city! I strolled around enjoying the nice weather, shopping, eating an ice cream, and simply absorbing the views.

Saturday: Marshmallow Party

On Saturday it was finally time for my birthday/graduation celebration! I spent the day shopping for food for the party with my mother and preparing the garden for the guests with my dad as well. When the evening arrived it was time for an epic marshmallow party. I had the best time! Opening presents wasn’t the worst thing either. Seems like my friends know me really well!

I’m leaving out Sunday since I spent the day cleaning up after the party and napping in the garden. Not a bad day either. Anyway, it’s Tuesday, so I’m already working on the next Weekly update. Sorry about posting this one late, I went on an excursion yesterday and had trouble getting back by train in the afternoon. Eventually, I only made it home around 10 pm, completely exhausted! I’ll tell you more about that soon. Bye bye!


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