WEEKLY: Going to the Beach

It’s Monday again: time for a Weekly update! I hope you had a nice few days. This week I finally set up my internet connection, went on an annual summer trip to the beach, and blogged about dragonflies. I also took advantage of the tropical temperatures on Thursday and chilled in the park. The rainy weekend didn’t really inspire any outdoor adventures, so I ended up updating my blog’s layout and design.

Monday & Tuesday: Connecting to the Net

New TV

On Monday I started the week with a healthy smoothie. Ingredients: Banana, apple, and Caribbean fruit juice. I was supposed to finally get my internet connection, but it didn’t quite go as smoothly as I had imagined. A mechanic would be coming over the next day, but until then: no internet! So, after finishing up some chores and writing the previous weekly update, I headed to my vegetable garden to water my plants and take care of some annoying weeds. I planted my vegetable garden in my parents’ backyard in spring and, although it hasn’t been doing too great, I still managed to grow a few tomatoes! They may look a little funny, but they were delicious. I spent Tuesday waiting for the mechanic to fix the problem and finally set up my internet connection. Life is great! I also set up my TV. Those are the credits for ‘Will & Grace’, by the way.

Wednesday: Going to the Beach

Noordwijk Beach

Wednesday finally arrived! My friend Esther and I took our bicycles into the train and headed to the shore. It was time for our annual summer trip to the beach, which has turned into somewhat of a tradition. The morning and early afternoon were actually quite rainy, so we were basically sitting on the beach reading our book/magazine underneath an umbrella/scarf. Thankfully, we had bought chocolate cookies and appelflappen (also carrots and grapes). Food always makes everything better. Our perseverance was rewarded when the rest of the day turned out to be quite sunny after all. We celebrated by eating Turkish pizza/fries while throwing my shoes to chase away rude seagulls.

Thursday & Friday: Sunshine and Sims

Thursday was a beautiful day full of sunshine. The temperature reached about 32 degrees Celsius and after posting a new blog post about dragonflies I decided to go to the Valkenberg park and read a book about orangutans. The weather forecast for the next few days looked like a trainwreck (turned out to be true), so I wanted to be outside as much as possible. I wore my new flowery t-shirt and my favourite feather necklace. In the evening I had Chinese take-out with my parents and siblings.

On Friday…Not going to lie. I mainly played The Sims 2. I sent out an application, looked up some literature I need to read, washed some dishes, and did the laundry. But truthfully, I mainly played The Sims.

Saturday & Sunday: Cosmetic Blog Update

I dedicated Saturday and Sunday by working on projects and fine-tuning my blog’s layout and general design. I’m learning more about CSS and giving my blog a bit of a cosmetic make-over. No major changes. I decided it was time for some colour (I’m not a very black-and-white person), so I added some purple accents. I also updated my logo. Do you like it?

The definite highlight of this week was going to the beach with Esther! Thursday was also really enjoyable, just hanging out in the sunshine is really relaxing. I had hoped to go many more places, but the weather wasn’t particularly cooperative or suitable for any of my wild plans. Time for another week!


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