WEEKLY: Back to the Greenhouse

Hi there! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another Weekly update. I hope you’ve had a wonderful first week of September. I know many people have gone back to school and/or work, so I hope you’re coping well. The weather seems to have also decided to give up on summer; it’s been raining almost everyday. Let’s hope we get a few more sunny days until autumn officially arrives!

Monday: Summer Magic & Lightning Strike

Monday promised to be the last sunny day for a while. It also happened to be the last day I was allowed to make use of my public transport student discount, so I decided to go out on a excursion. Ever since I visited the Veluwezoom last year, I had been wanting to return all year. I waited until the right moment to see the fields in full bloom and finally saw the beautiful purple heath near Rheden again. It was a magical day. I even managed to spot a few wild horses, I can’t wait to show you the photos.

On my way back I also briefly passed Kasteel Rosendael (Rosendael Castle) and its beautiful garden. Unfortunately, when I got to the station and tried to get back home by train there had been a lightning strike that made transport between Den Bosch en Roosendaal impossible. After a detour to Utrecht I finally arrived in Breda at around 10 pm, completely exhausted.

Tuesday: Golden Hour Stroll

On Tuesday I belatedly posted my 4th Weekly Update after getting home so late the day before. I went to the hairdresser in the afternoon to get my ends trimmed (no major change) and did some groceries. It was a relatively quiet day, so when the sun finally decided to show later in the evening, I decided to take a stroll to enjoy the golden hour sunshine.

Wednesday: Potato Patch

On Wednesday I didn’t end up doing anything majorly life changing. I did my laundry, sent out some urgent emails, and filled out some forms. I harvested and washed the potatoes (and two more tomatoes) from my vegetable patch in my parents’ garden. I think I could have probably left them in the soil a little bit longer, but it’s been raining a lot and I didn’t want them to start rotting. I had planted multiple regular potatoes and one sweet potato in early summer. The regular potato plants all grew multiple little potatoes each, but the sweet potato plant just grew one huge potato.

Thursday: Lecture in Nijmegen

On Thursday I first had a Skype meeting to prepare for an upcoming conference. In the afternoon I met up with my friend Esther at the train station and travelled to Nijmegen. We were going to go to a lecture about (ab)normality by psychiatrist and philosopher Damiaan Denys in the evening, but first we did a little shopping, walked around the city centre and had a nice dinner. The lecture was pretty interesting and also quite funny. Sometimes Denys seemed more like a stand-up comedian than a serious lecturer (in a good way). Before heading back to Breda we decided to buy milkshakes at Nijmegen station. Coconut flavour, yummy!

Friday: Fabulous Brunch

Friday was another rainy day, so I didn’t really go outside much. I woke up late, prepared documents for the conference and sent out some emails. I did manage to take a picture of my brunch: egg on toast with avocado, cheese, chicken, basil and ketchup. It may sound a bit chaotic but it tasted fabulous.

Saturday: Blogging Table Mountain

Saturday I woke up to another rainy day. If I couldn’t go on any outdoorsy adventure, I wanted to at least be a little more productive by posting a new blog post. I wrote my post and edited some shots from my trip to Cape Town last year. You can find my new blog post about being on top of Table mountain here!

Sunday: Back to the Greenhouse

On Sunday I decided I didn’t care about the rainy weather any more and cycled to my vegetable patch to move some of my tomato plants back into my little greenhouse. The temperatures have dropped well below 20 degrees the past week and the soil has simply become too wet because of the rain, so I felt like I really shouldn’t wait any longer. The greenhouse will shield them from the rain and slightly raise the temperature.

After working in the garden I quickly changed and got ready for dinner. We went to eat out at a restaurant to celebrate that my sister has completed her first Master’s degree (she’s working on a second one as we speak). I ordered a chicken burger with bell pepper sauce, but the cheeseburger actually tasted much better!

That’s it for last week, see you soon!


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