WEEKLY: Summer Shopping and Mexican Food

Hi there! I hope your Monday has been fantastically awesome so far. I assume at least some of us will be on summer break right now (I know I am)! I’ve been trying to get internet to work at my new place, but no luck just yet. I’ve been eating special adzuki bean and strawberry ice cream to compensate for my non-existing connection to the world wide web (I’m writing this post at my parents’ place). Very tasty.

In order to regularly keep in touch, I’ve decided to start posting ‘Weekly‘ blog updates every week. Every Sunday or Monday I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to  by posting a personal recap of my week. This will be the first edition. Let’s get started!

Monday: Settling In

On Monday I didn’t really do anything memorable (apparently…OK yes I don’t really remember, I’ll start making notes). I’ve basically just been settling into my new room, unpacking the last few boxes and getting used to life in Breda again. Summer is definitely the best time to cycle around in the evening to catch the last bit of sunset. Always a great way to finish your day.

Tuesday: Blogging at the Library

On Tuesday I decided it was time to get down to business! The weather was pretty drab and rainy, so I opted for a more autumny outfit. I cycled to the library for some much needed internet, but maybe also to get away from any general distractions in my room (like my fridge…or freezer. You know what I’m talking about).  I’m pretty sure people are supposed to keep quiet in a library, although there was also this other guy a table away from me who was watching a soccer match on his smartphone while drinking a can of beer. Classy. I rolled my eyes at the rowdy fellow and edited my photos from our visit to the Beijing Summer Palace. Keep your eyes peeled for a blogpost very soon!

Wednesday: Cooking

On Wednesday I made a wholesome and deliciously eggy breakfast and decided the day was going to be productive. I finally updated my blog with some information about my super interesting life. Took me quite a while. In the evening I cooked my first proper meal in my new kitchen: Pasta with salmon and veggies!

Thursday: Cherries and Books

Thursday was a pretty tranquil day. I didn’t go out much and started working on a new blog post. I made myself a tasty cherry-apple-cinnamon smoothie type of concoction and later snacked on some more frozen cherries too. I sent out a few job applications and read some more pages from Biruté Galdikas’ ‘Reflections of Eden‘ in the evening.

Friday: Summer Sunshine

On Friday I published a new blog post about all the fabulous fashionistas I spotted in Beijing and spent the rest of the day enjoying the blue blue sky, summer smells, and sunshine. That is, indeed, my very best angle. Enjoy my nostrils.

Saturday: Summer Shopping in Eindhoven

On Saturday I joined my mother and sister on a shopping trip to Eindhoven. I didn’t really need any more clothes but decided to go since I hadn’t been to Eindhoven in ages. I completely forgot what it looked like. After buying some really cool t-shirts we finished the trip with a much-deserved caramel and cherry yogurt ice cream cone. I’m not sure if I told you before but I quite like ice cream actually.

Sunday: Mexican Food

Finally, on Sunday I went out to get groceries and also did some other unavoidable household chores. The evening was much more pleasant as I again joined my mother and sister for a Mexican dinner date at the Popocatepetl (Popo) restaurant in Breda. I ordered tortilla corn soup as a starter (quite nice, needed more corn), Goat’s cheese fajitas for my main dish (just ok), and cinnamon ice cream for dessert (splendid).

Overall, not a bad week at all. Any week where I can wear shorts without freezing my butt off passes the bill in my book. Time for another week of summer (I hope)!


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