Video: Cherry Blossom Season 2015

Cherry Blossom Season 2015

Cherry Blossom season 2015 has arrived! The Cherry Blossom trees at the Kersenbloesempark in the Amsterdamse Bos, technically Amstelveen, are finally in bloom. I also visited last year and had such a nice time, so I decided to go this year as well. This time, my timing was a few days better and the cherry blossoms were blooming even more perfectly.

I’ve never seen so many people at the Amsterdamse Bos before. There were definitely twice as many people compared to last year. Nearly everyone there was having a picnic at some point. I had a great afternoon filming everyone having fun eating and playing. I also took a lot of photos, so look out for another photography blog post somewhere in the near future.

For now, I hope this video leaves a good impression of what a wonderful day I had yesterday. Lots of people came up to me to have a chat and make jokes about my ancient tripod (my parents bought it when they were young). If it works, why throw it away, right?


6 thoughts on “Video: Cherry Blossom Season 2015

  1. Wauw mooie video!! Het ziet er echt mooi uit al die Cherry Blossom trees, moet ik zeker eens gaan kijken 🙂

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