Travel Notes from the Chateau de Versailles

The golden gate in front of the Chateau de Versailles

A Postcard from the Chateau de Versailles

A few weeks ago, I was in France for a couple of days. We visited areas in the eastern part of Normandy, and also around the city of Paris. Our trip to Versailles was unfortunately short-lived, since there turned out to be an evacuation going on right when we arrived to see the palace. This meant we would have to wait for hours before we would be able to enter the palace.

As we planned this visit on our last day and had decided to drive back home to the Netherlands afterwards, we decided to leave it at a quick visit to the gardens. We didn’t feel like exploring the entire acreage of the Jardins either. Since the sun was burning our skin, we wanted to avoid the temperatures (reaching about 35 degrees Celcius by then).

Hopefully, I’ll be able to “revisit” the place sooner or later. Though not after my 26th birthday hopefully, because it’ll be a free visit until then!


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