Sunset Cycling to Turnhout: A Visual Diary from Belgium

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if the place you’re exploring is actually kind of boring. Most of the time, you just need to get out of the house and have a look at your surroundings. Leave your laptop closed and let your eyes see something different and unfamiliar. Perhaps, that’s exactly what you need to do in order to recharge your soul. For me, a recent example was a blissful evening of sunset cycling to Turnhout, a small town in Belgium.

A broken advertisement sign is surrounded by wild flowers.

A copper-toned house features contemporary, geometric architecture.

An old factory building turns yellow as the setting sun hits its walls.

A cyclist sitting down on a bridge to watch the sunset.

Old farm buildings in a field.

A small house along the route, along the route while cycling to Turnhout.

A meadow shines in the light of the setting sun.

Sunset Cycling to Turnhout

A few days ago, I was cycling through the north-western outskirts of the Belgian town of Turnhout. It was around 8 o’clock on a warm summer evening. Since it was a bit too hot to be biking around during the day, I decided to go out a bit later.

Even though you can’t really spot anyone in these pictures, there were still lots of people outside. They were fishing, swimming, cycling, strolling around. Many were having a drink or eating ice cream at a local cafe.

In sping and summer, I always love going out and about around this time in the evening, since the dying light makes for such interesting shadows and hues. What about you?


6 thoughts on “Sunset Cycling to Turnhout: A Visual Diary from Belgium

  1. Funny, last year around this time I was on a business trip to Turnhout! Cute little city, I very much liked the old quarters, the beguinage and the Kriek beer (hihi)!
    Wonderful perspective on the outskirts..

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yeah, it may not be the most exciting place I’ve ever been to, but it certainly has some character doesn’t it! (and I hope you enjoyed the beer :P)

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