Tulip Season in Holland: Finding the Flower Fields

When winter finally passes and spring season takes charge, it never takes long before the tulips turn the Dutch countryside into a gigantic patchwork of flower fields. Flowers in almost every colour of the rainbow look up at the sun, creating the most enchanting views in the Dutch Bulb Region (Bollenstreek) and beyond. Last weekend, it was prime time tulip season in Holland with summery temperatures and a sunny blue sky. Naturally, my camera and I decided to explore some of the most beautiful flower fields you can find in the Netherlands. Have a look at the photos, and keep reading to find out when and where to go to see the best of the Dutch tulips!

Tulip fields near Noordwijk and Voorhout

Yellow flower field in Holland

Purple and white flower fields in Holland

When is Tulip Season in Holland?

Most years, the tulip season starts just after spring arrives in the Netherlands. The bulbs only need a few warm and sunny days to show their true colours. This means the tulip season usually lasts from late March until early May, although every year is of course a little bit different. In 2018, for example, the winter season lasted longer than usual, so most flowers didn’t start blooming until early April. Still, the season almost always reaches its peak from mid to late April. That’s when the tulips look their best!

Red tulip fields in Holland, with a girl posing among the tulips.

A single yellow tulip in a purple flower fields.

Where to Find the Flower Fields in the Netherlands

The Dutch flower fields can be found all around the northern half of the country (including Flevoland and Friesland). Still, the best area to see the flower fields is the Dune and Bulb Region, as I briefly mentioned. This region can be found in the province of South Holland, and spans all the way from Haarlem to the city of Leiden. Some of the bigger flower fields can be found around the towns of Hillegom, Lisse, Noordwijkerhout, Noordwijk, and Voorhout.

Have a look at the little map I made below to check the exact locations of some of these flower fields. I personally visited the flower fields near Noordwijk (Bronsgeesterweg) and Voorhout (Leidsevaart). These fields are well within reach of each other by bicycle or car, although I strongly recommend cycling.

The cycling paths in the Netherlands are very safe. Besides, the Bulb Region is one of the prettiest places in the country. If you have enough time, plan a day trip to cycle to the flower fields. That way, you can end your route near the beautiful beaches of Noordwijk or Katwijk. It’s the perfect excursion for a sunny day (and one of my personal favourite things to do).

Tulip Season in Holland

Cycling to the flower fields in Holland

Practical Tips For the Tulip Season in Holland:

  • Try to avoid the roads near the touristy Keukenhof in Lisse, the most famous flower garden in the world. The insane amount of visitors in April and May can cause major traffic jams.
  • If you’re planning on cycling, have a look at the potential routes before you go. There are several cycling routes along the flower fields, like the (signposted) 37 km Leidse Bollenroute.
  • The tulip season usually lasts for about three weeks maximum, so keep a close eye on the Dutch weather forecast. There are also websites like Flower Radar that specifically track the tulip fields.

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