Today: The Snow Arrives

Winter outside

The Snow Arrives

This morning I woke up to this wintery scene! Most of the southern half of the country is currently covered in snow. There’s a layer of powdery white bliss of about 10 cm in West-Brabant right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any snow up close, also because last winter was so freakishly mild. Maybe this year will be different.

I quickly snapped a photo with my phone and then hopped in the shower, since we soon had to head up north to visit my grandparents. My grandpa already celebrated his 80th birthday today!

When we got home it was already dark, so I was kind of disappointed about not really going outside today. I went out to help my dad shovel snow and then decided to make a snow man anyway.

Snow Man

Ok, I know it’s really small and unintentionally looks kind of sad, but nobody wanted to help me! I’m still proud.


2 thoughts on “Today: The Snow Arrives

  1. First, Happy Birthday to Grandpa ! 80 is a milestone that many don’t make. Ma he have many more years. Next, SNOW !!! As for me, it’s fun to walk in and play in for a while, then I want to be indoors with a nice hot drink. By the way, there are no sad snowmen…, or snow girls, only if we make them that way ! 😉

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