It may have been a while since the Netherlands was covered in a good layer of snow, but today’s frosty landscape came pretty close to looking like a true winter wonderland. Dutch winters are usually notoriously grey and rainy, so waking up to a nation-wide cover of frosty white crystals was a very nice surprise. What better way to enjoy the end of such a turbulent year?

Dutch winter landscape-

Road trip to Noord-Holland

By noon, most of the frost was already starting to melt away in the southern half of the country. I managed to quickly snap these photos with my phone in the morning. Luckily, today was also my oma en opa’s 55th wedding wedding anniversary. We hit the road, headed to Noord-Holland and enjoyed the typically Dutch landscape. Temperatures in Holland largely remained below zero, so the captivating frosty shroud never left the foggy meadows.

Dutch winter landscape

Subtle phenomenon, stunning transformation

It’s been nearly two years while since I posted a daily update (I’ve been doing Lately updates). For some reason, I really felt like sharing these photos today. Enchantingly beautiful days like these are hard to come by, so I thought it deserved some extra attention. It think it’s really wonderful how subtle phenomena like frost can completely transform a landscape.

Dutch winter landscape