Today: Fancy Tea with Friends

Fancy Tea with Friends

Today was a great day! I had an incredibly high-class fancy meal with my bestest buddies at the university dorms. We all gathered together and joined forces to have the most delicious “high tea”, as we strangely like to call it in the Netherlands. It is actually better known as “afternoon tea” in British terms.

Our fancy tea task division resulted in a fantastic feast: Amanda made scones, Katja made lemon bites, Djoni generously brought bonbons and I made extremely decadent crustless sandwiches. We also may or may not have used a Christmas-themed tablecloth to appear slightly more cultured.

We failed to finish every last crumb, but do not worry! Afterwards, Katja and I went out on a stroll to feed the leftover crusts to the hungry ducks and geese of Amsterdam.


6 thoughts on “Today: Fancy Tea with Friends

  1. Ken Deacon says:

    Wow. The girl who can’t put down her book despite the allure of all that food must have got her hands on a gripping read!

    1. Roselinde says:

      Hahah, I knew someone was going to comment on that! 😉 She was actually looking up the definition of “high tea” (afternoon tea).

    1. Roselinde says:

      Hahah, yeah we got pretty sick to our stomachs. But it was worth it! (to be fair we didn’t eat it all…yet).


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