Today: Catching Up in Breda


Catching Up

I started a new semester this week! I’ve begun working on my thesis, so I haven’t got as many regular classes to attend as usual. This still means I will be really busy, but it also means I will have a little bit more flexibility in terms of planning school work and other activities.

So today, I finally met up with some of my “old” friends in Breda! We met up for lunch to eat delicious bagels and for me to spill fresh orange juice on my sweater. We talked about our lives and had a very lively discussion about the fact that bananas apparently grow upwards. Afterwards, we also went to get ice cream at McDonald’s because that’s what smart people do when it’s freezing outside.

It was great catching up and walking around the city for a bit. It was such a sunny day today too, makes me excited for spring to arrive next.


2 thoughts on “Today: Catching Up in Breda

  1. Happy to read you’re doing fine! What’s your thesis about? I just finished mine! Happy to read your blog again after some time absent on WordPress 🙂

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