Cycling to the Belgian Border

Cycling to the Belgian Border

In may of last year I went on a day trip by bicycle towards the Dutch-Belgian border. I left from my home in Breda and cycled along the border, crossing the area around the Merkske. I then headed back up north again, so I would be back home just before sunset.

Beautiful Spring Day

Just like the forecasts had predicted, it was a beautiful spring day and the conditions were pretty much perfect for a day of cycling! The wind wasn’t too strong and all the pollen and plant fluffs (technical term) were just floating in the air (I luckily have not suffered much from hay fever).

The Merkske

The area around the border is still quite rural and known for being relatively untouched. I passed many farms and even many more cows during my trip. Much of the area still looks similar to 19th century conditions, especially around the Merkske. The Merkske is more like a brook or stream than an actual river. Nonetheless, it still forms about 6 km of the natural border between the Netherlands and Belgium.

All of the cows were incredibly interested to see what creature had dared step foot on their territory (or maybe, who had come to potentially feed them), although the last photo is sadly evidence of my failed attempt to a friendly wave goodbye. I must have spooked them with my sudden movements. Will not be trying out for Holland’s Next Top Farmer.


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