18 Forest Photos that Celebrate the Start of Autumn

Autumn (or Fall, whichever is to your liking) is now definitely in full force here in the Northern Hemisphere. All the leaves that are left on the trees are either yellow, orange, or bright red. There are lots of crunchy and boring brown leaves as well, but I’m obviously going to ignore those ones.

It’s also been characteristically rainy with a serious shortage of sunshine, but let’s focus on the positive. Let’s get into the seasonal spirits! Have a look at these 18 forest photos that celebrate the start of Autumn, I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed taking them in the great outdoors.

18 Forest Photos to Celebrate Autumn

Caterpillar at Veluwezoom National Park.

Water droplets on a mushroom.

Start of Autumn in the Netherlands

At the end of Summer last year, just before the official start of autumn (September 17 and 19), I went on multiple hiking excursions within just a few days. Two of those locations were the Veluwezoom and Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Most of the leaves were still green, but you could definitely see the signs of the season shifting into autumn.

Fabulous fungi were sprouting up everywhere and gorgeous hairy caterpillars were crawling all around.

Fabulous fungi were sprouting up everywhere and beautifully hairy caterpillars and blue mint beetles were crawling all around the area. To celebrate the change of seasons, I’m posting this collection of 18 autumnal photos!

Fungus in the forest.

Spider in its web.

Forest floor in autumn.

Blue mint beetle.

Blue mint beetle.

Let’s Enjoy the Season

Well, that last one sure looks a little bit like a derrière. That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this autumn-themed post. When I look back, I remember the fond memories of these walks through the forest. I also remember being crouched down with my chin in the sand to get those beetles on camera, some passersby seemed very amused. True dedication, I tell you. Worth it, though!

I’m looking forward to posting more travel posts next, but I also think it’s great to keep in touch with my local surroundings. Let’s enjoy the season while it lasts.


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    1. Thanks mucho Roos! Hahahah yeah, aaaaaalmost! I love Spring, tiny little bit jelly of you right now ;) xxx

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