African Sunset

A Much-Needed Sunset in South Africa

I took these photos in June earlier this year, while I was abroad for a community project. I hadn’t gotten a chance to explore much of South Africa yet. So, naturally, I was really excited to see more of the Helderberg area. It was the first real excursion, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Absorbing the Sunshine in Gordon’s Bay

On one of my days off, I took a break and visited Gordon’s Bay, a coastal town very close to where I was staying. I was dealing with a really bad stomach bug at the time, so I just relaxed on the beach with a book for the whole day. It was wonderful to just do nothing and soak up the sunbeams. At the end of the evening, I watched the breathtaking African sunset until it got dark.

Even though it must sound like a pretty uneventful day, it’s probably one of my best memories of my trip to South Africa! One sunset can make you feel so much better in the moment. A particularly beautiful one is like a tiny bit of medicine for the soul, I always like to think. It put things in perspective, warms me up, and reminds me how lucky I am to be alive.