European Road Trip to Croatia

European Road trip Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria.

The good thing about doing a road trip to Croatia is getting to see so many European countries within just a few days. As you may have noticed, I got to go to Croatia for a week by parasitizing on my parents’ vacation plans. I already posted about visiting Šibenik and admiring its historic charms, but it seemed like a shame if I just let these road trip photos get all dusty and unused on my SD card.

Tennen Mountains, Austria.

Day 1: The Netherlands to Slovenia

We drove all the way from Breda (the Netherlands) to Croatia, crossing through countries like Austria and Slovenia. We stopped for a moment after we had just crossed the German border into Austria, where the mountain ranges offered some amazing views. Eventually, we drove about 1175 km that first day. After a long day of driving, we stayed overnight in Slovenia before setting off to Rab (Croatia) the next day. Our stomachs started to grumble and we had a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant in  Šenčur. That vegetarian plate changed my life man, Slovenians sure know how to handle their veggies. Didn’t turn me into a vegetarian, but still.

Restaurant Gostilna Ančka, Šenčur (Slovenia). 

Day 2: Slovenia to Croatia

The next day we woke up early to a gigantic breakfast, I couldn’t even finish my chocolate croissant (never happens). After about 253 more km left on our road trip and a ferry ride from Stinica to Mišnjak. Then, we finally made it to Rab and our Croatian adventures could begin!

On the E65 in Croatia, heading to the island of Rab. Stinica, Croatia.


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