Project: Captivity

Hi guys! I’d like to update you on a new project that has been added to my portfolio: Captivity. Here are a few of my thoughts about the project through a shortened quotation of the portfolio description:

“Visiting zoos has been an enjoyable experience since childhood. It reminds me of birthday parties, ice cream, and expensive plush toys.¬†Still, there is something vicious about looking into the eyes of some of these creatures. Confined in their cage, systematically gawked at by an endless flow of people, there always seems to be an underlying sentiment of ethical conflict.

What are these animals’ feelings? What are the implications of observing and exposing these animals through my lens? Without directly aiming to indict, or to apply strict categorisaton of either good or bad, this project is an exploration of personal feelings of ambivalence. Ultimately, it was at all times the intent to portraiture these animals as the sentient beings I consider most to be.”

Please click here to visit the corresponding portfolio page to see all the photos and read the full description. The photos were taken across three countries and four different zoos during the period from August 2010 to July 2014.


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