15 Calming Photos of the Dalmatian Islands and their Natural Beauty

Fields full of red poppies, purple-orange sunsets, and eternal views of the azure Adriatic Sea. The Dalmatian islands of Hvar and Brac are sunny oases, allowing you to calm down and let your thoughts run loose in nature. In early May, this was exactly the type of environment that I needed. I was right in the middle of writing my final few thesis chapters, and the stress was starting to wear me down. I wasn’t leaving my desk much, and there was so much left to do.

Calming Down on the Dalmatian Islands

For a little while, I wondered if I should even let myself go on this trip. Should I be island hopping in Croatia while I might be better off typing away in the library? In hindsight, there is no doubt that the natural beauty of the Dalmatian Islands were the right choice: the calming vistas and warm air gave my mind a much-needed mental reset. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, I hope I can do the same for you by sharing these 15 photos of the Dalmatian Islands:

On top of the world at Vidova Gora in Croatia

Sunset on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

A view of the beautiful shoreline in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Islands

An insect flies around the poppy flowers on the Dalmatian Islands

A tiny artificial island with a palm tree in Vrboska, Croatia

Kitesurfing in Dalmatia

The mountiains of Hvar, Croatia

Photos of the Dalmatian Islands and their historic villages

The green meadows on the Dalmatian Island of Brac

The town o Supetar in Croatia

A tree grows right through the roof of an old chapel

A little ladder leads into the sea near Stari Grad, Croatia

A colourful insect explores the inside of a white flower

Sunset in Hvar, with the church tower and palm trees in the background

A view of the Croatian coast in Bol

I was kindly invited on a press trip organised by the Split-Dalmatia tourism board. Curious about the region? Visit their website to discover more about all the different islands in Dalmatia.


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