Charming Europe: Hiking Trails in Luxembourg

Ever thought of going on a hiking holiday in Luxembourg? Probably not, but you definitely should! Luxembourg is an often overlooked but wonderfully charming little country in Western Europe. It borders no less than three other European countries: Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the East, and France to the South. Luxembourg is also very close to the Netherlands, so there is no reason not to include Luxembourg when you’re cruising through Europe. So if you’re planning on going on a European roadtrip, have a look at this photos essay of hiking trails in luxembourg!

There are many rural areas in Luxembourg where you can get up close to cows. I found these beauties in a meadow bordering the forested hills of Born, a small village.

Hiking trail in Luxembourg; a field near Born.

Charming Hiking Trails in Luxembourg

Hello again, are you guys having a great summer? I have had a great couple of weeks these past months! Recently, my mother and I went on a short hiking trip to eastern Luxembourg, near the German border. There are some really amazing trails that I never see anyone blog about. So, I decided I would! I took a few shots here and there, so please enjoy this small collection of photos of my travels in Luxembourg. I’ve included my favourite shots from our hikes along the Luxembourg hiking trails.

Fallen trees in the hillside forest near Born, Luxembourg. The exposed roots are quickly covered green moss and overtaken by the forest floor.

Fungi growths on cut-down tree trunks. You will see various types of fungi all around the forested areas of Luxembourg.

Hiking from Born: Summer in the Forest and Rural Charms

The first day we started out from the little village of Born. We were “stationed” at a riverside camping site in Born, so we following the trails into the wood from there. After hiking through the green summer forest, we later emerged into fields full of crops and windmills. I always like to go hiking in the mountains, but the fields full of young corn and yellow wheat were quite a sight to behold as well.

Hiking from Consdorf: Rocky Passages and Blue Lakes

We started our second hike from the village of Consdorf, soon entering woodland with higher plateaus and rocky passages. In hindsight, we decided it would have been better to have brought a flashlight along. Some of the rocky passages were very narrow and dark. In the same area, we also passed a beautiful aqua blue lake when we hiked a little deeper into the forest.

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