Photo Challenge: Can You Guess What This Is?

Last year, I had to do a few photography assignments for art class. The concepts varied from shadow and light, to abstract lines, and to pure detail. It was a lot of fun to take photos of everyday objects and make them look virtually unrecognisable. I feel like I’m starting to learn more and more about all the elements that go into photography, it really is its own art…a whole technique that takes years to master!

There’s something really fascinating about making an object look like something completely different, almost completely abstract and unidentifiable from its real-life identity.

Photo challenge

Guess the Photo Challenge

I’ve selected a few of my photos for this photography challenge post; can you guess what these objects are? Tell me in the comment section! I’m very curious to see how many you managed to get.

Top Photo: Tree | Photo 1: Football | Photo 2: Candle holder | Photo 3: Door hinge | Photo 4: Photo frame (back) | Photo 5: Photo frame

Let me know what you think

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