Travel Gadgets: I Designed a Phone Case Collection!

Remember when I talked about my favourite travel gadgets last summer? I designed a customised phone case with GoCustomized and absolutely loved it. Now that Christmas is coming up, I thought it was a great opportunity to collaborate with them once again. Of course, you can choose to upload one of your favourite photos or make any design you want. However, I also designed a phone case collection for you to use*! The best thing about this collaboration: you can order any phone or tablet case with a 10% discount using this code: SOCOOL-ROSELINDE at GoCustomized (because, obviously, I’m super duper cool). You can use this code for any type of product until December 15, 2016!

Travel Phone Case Designs

Ocean Escape

If you would like to use one of my designs for your phone case, you can click on the images below and save them in full-size! The first set is a phone case inspired by the Cape of Storms, or Cape Point. I visited Cape Point with my brother in July 2014. My time in South Africa was full of extreme ups and downs, but hiking to Cape Point is a memory I will never forget. Whenever I want to remind myself of how vivacious life can be, I mentally push the escape button and think about the history and beauty of the Cape of Storms.

Ocean Escape Phone CaseOcean Escape Phone Case (Purple)

Supermoon 2016

As you may know, I’m pretty obsessed with the possibility of moon tourism. Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night to take a photo of the November 14 supermoon. The closest supermoon of the century will happen in December 2052! I wasn’t trying to get overly philosophical, but I do think natural events like these inescapably remind you of your time and place in history, and the future. I really wanted to do something with my photo of the supermoon, so I decided to make a phone case design of the phases of the moon. This is what the moon like like at 2:30 am on November 14, 2016.

Supermoon Phone CaseSupermoon Phone Case (Purple)

I’m really happy with how my new phone case turned out! I also hope you like the collection or feel inspired to make your own design. Alternatively, you can always just use a photo of one of your favourite memories. It could also be a nice gift idea for any of your friends or family members that are in need of a new phone or tablet case. Let me know what you think and if you end up using the code!

*My designs are only available for personal use, you may not use my images for any commercial activities.


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