Normandy: Bayeux

Hi guys! As you may have already noticed, I travelled to France back in May and visited many areas in Normandy. I previously posted about the beautiful Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux (Part I | II | III), which was pretty peachy, but that doesn’t mean Bayeux doesn’t deserve a post of its own!

Here we had just wandered into the heart of town with the cathedral looming ahead. This pleasent-looking alley was littered with tourists and their newly sprung offspring in strollers, probably on their way to see the famous tapestry, and restaurants preying on the former’s pocket money. In fact, I believe it was lovingly called “Rue du Bienvenu” (Welcome Street), how deliciously sappy. Ok, all jokes aside, the old part of Bayeux really is full of character (and pizza is never a bad idea).

This guy on the left unknowingly served as my model before I entered the cathedral. He stood there solemnly looking into the distance or at his hand (I think there may have been a smartphone involved) for at least half an hour. I don’t know what he was doing, but I don’t think he expected an offertory (I hope). The other picture is about the beauty of spring and cherry-blossoms, you know the drill.

Smoking is still a widespread cool thing to do among your middle-aged peers in France.

A creative solution for your necessary renovations. The other photo is of an authentic old French sir with meticulously combed facial fur and a famous tree in the background. I think it was said to be really old, the tree I mean.

My dad standing in front of a few traditional shops and looking up at the cathedral after I told him to.

That’s it for now! I’ve got one more post of the famous Tapestry of Bayeux coming up, so stay tuned for that one, after which I will start posting about other places in Normandy.

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