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I started my first tumblr blog July 2010, called june28, just because I wanted to collect pretty fashion photos for inspirational outfits and such. Well, since then, after I discovered that tumblr is truly the best way to collect and share any kind of visual media (in blog format), I’ve started up a few other blogs and have been posting for a while, but I’ve never really linked them anywhere. This is mainly because I don’t use tumblr to get visitors or anything, for me they’re like online scrapbooks for when I need some inspiration or when I just feel like looking at them. Throwing all images I liked into one blog just wasn’t an option for me, so I created seperate blogs. I felt like sharing these blogs, so they’re listed below, take a look!

My tumblr blogs

1. Eclectic Symmetry

Eclectic Symmetry is my “art blog”. I don’t post my own “creative outbursts” (let’s just call them that), I just reblog any kind of art that speaks to me or inspires me.

2. Brainy Blueprints

Brainy Blueprints is basically a collection of creative, innovative and functional design. I love to see designs that challenge traditional conceptions and transform them into modern ideas.

3. Roselinde

Whenever I notice my first name is still available on any kind of social network, I have to grab it! Hahah, no seriously, I could have thought up an artsy, hipster kind of name, but that wouldn’t feel right. This tumblr blog consists of reblogs of mostly travel photograpy, because photography is my biggest hobby and travelling being my passion. I don’t post my own photography on my tumblr blogs, because I prefer to post my work on this blog.


4 thoughts on “My Tumblr Blogs

  1. I really like the Brainy Blue prints…especially the Mac chalk board.
    Priceless…Good idea too…as some graphic designers do not use hands on items to sketch or draw anymore!

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