My Amsterdam Apartment

As you might have already read before, I moved to Amsterdam last August to start a new phase of my life as a student at Amsterdam University College. Well, I finally got around to take some pictures of my “new” room, where I’ve been living for the past few months! I think I’m very lucky to be living in this room, especially considering its size. It’s about 25 square meters, which is quite rare for student housing in Amsterdam. Plus, I do not have to share my room (with a human anyways, you’ll know what I mean, just keep reading) and I have my own kitchen and bathroom.

Mind you, it hasn’t all been fun! I’ve had to deal with THE worst silverfish plague ever, to the point that they were casually chilling between my bed sheets and sniffing my pyjamas under my pillow. One time I was pulling a sweater out of my wardrobe and Mr. Silvershark decided to attempt a cordless bungee jump in the direction of my right shoulder. He unfortunately did not survive (afterwards). By the way, those buggers live up to eight years! [1] And my toilet is still leaking. Probably will have to do something about that. Hehe. Disclaimer: You are not going to get to see any pictures of my kitchen today because I couldn’t get myself to do the dishes on my day off.

My Amsterdam Apartment

Ta-da, this is my room! Don’t you just adore my orange floor? My bed is on the left here and my “living room” is on the right (television included). My desk/working space is just behind the sofa, although usually I just end up lounging on my bed with my laptop. My luxurious dining table is situated near the window (I took this picture standing in my “kitchen”). That’s my mini palmtree Koko on the left there.

I like to grow a couple of plants in my room, some are doing better than others (and yes, admittedly, I think I might have accidentally killed one already. Death by overwatering. It was a sad, sad day). No need to call the cops they’re all in sparkly condition!

This little “telephone cabinet” is one of my second-hand furniture pieces that I (my dad) painted white. We pimped it to perfection with these ultra stylish flower-ish-shaped knobs.


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