Life Lately: Snapshots from March and April 2014

1. Spring started early in Amsterdam. I visited the Kersenbloesempark with the blooming cherry blossom trees in the beginning of April and wrote a blogpost about it.

2. I found a small part of an old art project for school I remember we had to make something about our own lives and this little paper boat was supposed to represent my passion for travel.

4. Easter breakfast! Who doesn’t like bunny-shaped bread?

5. Got a new coconut palm! The last one died of unkown reasons, poor fellow.

7.  Back in April I was really longing to see the sea again, so I hopped on the train and explored the dunes around Noordwijk. We used to go to Noordwijk every summer when I was younger. Post coming soon!

8. I really miss not having a garden (or a balcony or something) at my student room in Amsterdam, so I have a lot of plants that I need to take care of. I did some much-needed home “gardening” a little while ago.

12. I finished this scarf in March! I didn’t get to wear it much though, since the temperatures were incredibly mild for March.

13. Much needed ice cream time after an intensive hike to the beaches of Noordwijk.


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