Life Blurb: Autumn Mornings

Awesome autumn skies in the mornings (all the leaves on those trees have gone now, by the way). You don’t get many of them though, since the sun usually doesn’t feel like coming out. Lazy bastard. This particular sky reminded me of the ocean.

Bacon Pancakes! I’m a dedicated pancake fan (I’ll sometimes make them twice a week), so I need variation in “recipes”. I usually eat them topped with syrup, honey, apple slices or cheese (not all together on one pancake), but bacon’s ok too (if you like to eat meat).

My mom gave me three new plants for my room in Amsterdam. Two little succulents and one cactus, apparently called a Ssssschlumbergera (we Dutch like to call it a “lidcactus”, which sounds way less nerdy but not entirely cool either). My mom has had a Sssschlumergera of her own since ages (the plant is many years my senior), even when she first lived on her own, so now I get to have one too!

Trying to force myself into Christmas mode by subtly decorating my room with kitschy ornaments.

I used to hate hoop earrings and didn’t wear them for many years (I just thought they looked incredibly tacky, not because Regina George told me not to), but I’ve started to come to terms with the small to medium-sized variant (I’m still not entirely wowed by the ones that elegantly rest on one’s shoulders). I really like these, I think they look quite sophisticated!

Pizza, where could I go wrong? Our local supermarket (Albert Heijn) offers three pizzas for €2.69, so I occasionally buy them to eat with friends or stick them in my freezer. To make myself feel less bad about eating “low-quality” food, I added homegrown radish sprouts (it was relatively tasty).

I hope you liked this little life “blurb”. I’m still figuring out ways to integrate posts about daily life and inspirations with my main travel posts, so let me know whether you think this is a nice format or if this totally doesn’t float your boat. Bye bye!


6 thoughts on “Life Blurb: Autumn Mornings

  1. This was a great slice of life, Roselinde, but I must confess, you had me at the bacon pancakes..I iike pancakes and I love bacon. Have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. As for pancakes…, have you tried blueberry pancakes, strawberry pancakes, pancakes with peanut butter & syrup, sausage pancakes….., and do you like waffles?

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