Lately: Forest Hail Storm

Lately: December 2015/January 2016

Hi there! It’s been a while since my previous LATELY, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on my daily life. Christmas time has come and gone and we’re all trying to cope with the fact that 2017 is now closer than 2007. I’ve been working part-time jobs and going on excursions in my free time. I haven’t been abroad, but I have been continuing my slightly more local exploration of cool places in the Netherlands.

I went shopping in Dordrecht with my mother and sister, visited the city archives of Amsterdam, and watched the sunset from a railway station rooftop. I also took the train to Eindhoven to see some mind-bending art installations and got stuck in a local forest hail storm. In short: much to tell!

Chatting over Hot Chocolate Milk

Around Christmas time I met up with two of my friends from high school and had some very delicious hot chocolate milk (with Maltesers) at Inspire Coffee Company in Breda. It’s starting to become a bit of a tradition! We meet up, discuss the latest stories, share our quarter-life crisis worries, and just generally have a really good time.

Shopping in Dordrecht

Just after Christmas I joined my mother and sister on a shopping trip to Dordrecht. I don’t need much of anything right now, so I didn’t end up buying very much. However, I did find a pretty winter coat on sale. It’s finally getting cold, so I’ve worn it quite a lot already. Aside from shopping, I always like visiting Dordrecht in general. There are tons of quirky buildings all around the centre of town.

Reunion at the Amsterdam City Archives

On January 3rd I visited the Amsterdam City Archives with three friends from college. Two of them are still studying in Amsterdam, while the other now lives in Scotland. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we decided to have our long-awaited reunion at the archives. We concluded our reunion with an incredibly delicious tortilla party!

Rooftop Sunset

Last week Friday was largely uneventful, except for that peculiar…yellow…orb in the sky. Yes, the sun was indeed shining, which has been an incredibly rare occurrence lately. I couldn’t resist to cycle 5 minutes away to the newly constructed Breda railway station and catch the beautiful sunset. I went up to the car park on the roof and took some photos with my phone.


I had been wanting to visit the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven for a while already. On Tuesday I decided to get on the train and make the trip. I spent a few hours in the museum and explored some of the historic town centre afterwards. When it comes to contemporary art, I notice I am a bit of a sucker for bright colours and light installations. The Yellow Interior by Marie Lexmond in the photo above was probably my favourite piece. I know lots of people who really dislike contemporary art, but I especially adore conceptual pieces like this one.

Forest Hail Storm

On Thursday I could NOT think of anything to do. I wanted to take advantage of my day off, but the lack of travel opportunities and minimum amount of sunshine have been driving me absolutely insane. I HATE spending the winter time in the Netherlands. Especially when it’s not even snowing.

Of course, just sitting inside the house would only make me miserable, so I decided to just go out and get on my bicycle. I cycled to the Mastbos, tried to sniff the trees, and embraced my inner narcissist by taking a puddle selfie. Just as I was about go on a little hike, I was hit by a vicious forest hail storm! The rain got all the way through my coat. Even my elbows got wet. Despite all that, I still felt good about being active and spending time outdoors.

That’s it for this LATELY, how have you been holding up? I’ll be working a lot in January and February, but I hope I’ll still be able to make some quick trips here and there. I’ll tell you how I got along in the next update!


4 thoughts on “Lately: Forest Hail Storm

  1. haha, i also find it is not easy to spend the winter time in Belgium, there is not so much sunshine but always raining and cloudy. So it is right to go outside otherwise it will be very easy to stay in the room all the day. Maybe i will go to Netherlands in spring!

    1. Yes, I completely know what you mean. Whenever spring arrives I always start to feel much better. You should come visit! 😀

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