These 15 Landscape Photos Show Why Moravia is the ‘Tuscany of the Czech Republic’

You may know the Czech Republic for Prague‘s cosmopolitan allure or the natural treasures of the Bohemian region. But most people overlook another gorgeous region: Moravia. And quite frankly, it’s a shame! This region offers a unique type of landscape that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. The southern part is even unofficially known as ‘Moravian Tuscany’ (Moravské Toskánsko). What does that mean, you might wonder? Well, all you need to know is that there is absolutely no shortage of green rolling hills, lush vineyards and charming churches and palaces. Thankfully, the many cycling routes in Moravia gave me the perfect opportunity to explore East and South Moravia up close. I cycled right in the middle of the green oases and crossed the yellow rapeseed fields in awe. That’s how I managed to capture these 15 landscape photos of Moravian Tuscany and the surrounding region.

A typical landscape in Moravia during spring: green and yellow fields with a blue and slightly cloudy sky.

What is the Best Season for Landscape Photos of Moravian Tuscany?

Remember that old Windows XP background? Well, this is basically it in real life, but better. The Moravian region is still a bit of a hidden secret among landscape photographers, but I suspect it won’t stay that way for long. Spring is probably the best season to see the hills covered in fresh new grass and the yellow shine of rapeseed petals. I was lucky enough to arrive in early may, around the peak of spring.

Spring or Autumn?

Alternatively, it seems autumn is another favourite season for photographers. This is probably because the changing colours, brownish hills, and typically orange sunsets create another unique natural palette. The best time to take photos of the landscape, no matter which season, is the early morning and around golden hour or sunset in the evening.

Landscape in Moravian Tuscany, Czech Republic: smooth green hills with symmetric lines running in the grass.
View of the village of Velehrad in Moravia with a rapeseed field in the forefront.

What are the Best Locations to See the Moravian Landscape?

Technically speaking, the very southern tip of Moravia has claimed the unofficial title of ‘Moravian Tuscany’. You will find gorgeous rolling hills in the Hodonín District, right around towns like Kyjov, Šardice, or Karlín na Moravě. This is where you should go if you want to see the most iconic hills in the Czech Republic. However, you will find similar hills all around the Zlín district as well. There, I personally thought that the hills and rapeseed fields surrounding the tiny town of Velehrad were quite spectacular too.

The landscape in Moravian Tuscany on a sunny day in spring
The green fields in Moravia look best in spring, when the yellow flower fields create a colour contrast.
A pollinating bee flies from one rapeseed plant to another in the Moravian fields.
The best season to take landscape photos of Moravian Tuscany is either spring or autumn

What You Should Know About the Moravian Region

  • The Moravian region in the Czech Republic is one of the three historic Czech lands. The other two are Bohemia and Czech Silesia. Brno is the largest city and the Morava river, which borders Slovakia, gave the region its name.
  • Moravia used to be the crown land of the Austrian empire, as well as the Austro-Hungarian empire. As a result, there are many historic palaces and castles that still remain in Moravia.
  • In contrast to its Bohemian counterpart, Moravia specialises in wine instead of beer. You’ll find the most of the vineyards in the southern half of the region.
  • The closest airport to Czech Moravia is usually Vienna, which is only one hour away by car.

Curious about the Czech Republic? You can explore more of my articles about this multifaceted Central European country by checking this page. You can also check the official tourism website for the Czech Republic for more information here.


5 thoughts on “These 15 Landscape Photos Show Why Moravia is the ‘Tuscany of the Czech Republic’

  1. Beautiful shots! I have been in Czech Republic so many times (41 x, I’ve studied in Pardubice for a while 18 years ago)… your landscapes have been shot in Morava, but same identical views you have in Bohemia as well. The hilly countryside is amazing in Cesko, in Winter, in Spring, in summer and in the Autumn:). Have a great weekend Roselinde

    1. Thank you! And wow, 41 times. You have to be an expert after all those visits. I will remember your insider tip about Cesko, hope to visit there one day as well. Have a great Sunday to you too! 🙂

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