Kimono Fashion Show in Leiden

Kimono Fashion Show

A few weeks ago, my mother and I went to the Ladies Night at the Museum Vokenkunde in Leiden. The Ladies Night was all about the GEISHA exhibition. I already visited the exhibition last year and loved it to bits, so I definitely didn’t want to miss this event. One of the main events during the night was the kimono fashion show. The models walked down the runway in many different ensembles for about half an hour. Meanwhile, the presenter explained the stories behind the patterns and customs of wearing such kimono.

Aside from the kimono fashion show, there were several workshops (I attended the one for making Kanzashi). There was also a tea ceremony by a tea master who studied in Kyoto for three years. I also enjoyed going on a guided exhibition tours and eating freshly made sushi by a Japanese chef. A very friendly (female) calligraphist who my mother and I talked to for a little while had an endless list of names to write down. Still, she was so kind to take the time and write my name in Katakana. I may have also grabbed a really cool poster that perhaps wasn’t entirely up for grabs. You know, living on the edge.

The exhibition has been extended until the 25th of May, so you can still go and see it in Leiden. One of the tour guides told us that the GEISHA exhibition is the most successful temporary exhibition the museum has had so far!


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  1. There are aspects of Japanese culture I find fascinating (as you obviously do). I will never forget a Japanese kinetic art exhibition I stumbled upon in my once home town.

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