Nature in The Netherlands: Kampina

(I shall call this one “Dried Poop and a Stick”).

Nature in the Netherlands: Kampina

Yesterday, I had a little bit of free time on my hands, so quickly got on a train towards Boxtel to go for a walk in the Kampina area. I roughly followed this route, though not really in its entirety, since I’m rebellious like that.

If I’m being competely 100% honest with you guys, I would have to say I’m kind of just trying to entertain myself by going on trips in nearby areas, that is until I can finally actually go on a trip to another country again. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the Netherlands doesn’t have any nice places to explore. The Kampina is definitely one of those!

The Kampina is a natural area between Oisterwijk and Boxtel in the province of Noord-Brabant. The landscape is varied, ranging from heathland, forest, and river valleys. Normally, there are supposed to be a lot of animals around (which you are technically not allowed to touch), but I guess they were on vacation. Although the Kampina is probably most beautiful during late summer, when the purple heat is brightly blooming, it was still very nice to walk around and relax a bit. I got a sunburn on my nose (like always), so I can’t say I didn’t make use of the great weather!


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  1. Exploring is great – this is usually when I get my best shots – if I think about it I don’t always get what I hope for in my minds eye (if you get what I mean)

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