This Hidden Japanese Garden in Holland Only Opens for Two Weeks in Autumn

There is a hidden garden in Holland that always makes me feel like I’ve temporarily teleported to a peaceful oasis in Japan. The historic Japanese Garden of the Clingendael estate near The Hague is such a delicate little ecosystem, with very rare plants and trees, that it only opens for eight weeks in total every year. That’s six weeks in the spring season and only two weeks in autumn. So clearly, the window to visit this unique, botanical heritage site is quite small. It’s tucked away in the middle of the estate, but if you follow the signs you will surely find it.

I’ve visited the garden a few times in spring, yet never in the autumn season. But this month, October 2019, I decided to finally plan an excursion and invited my brother to come along.

The Japanese Garden in The Hague, Holland in autumn

The History behind the Japanese Garden in The Hague, Holland

The delicate garden was first designed by Lady Daisy, the former owner of the Clingendael Estate. Lady Daisy was an avid traveler and went on many long trips to Japan. She traveled by ship and brought back lanterns, sculptures and little bridges. After many years, all of these unconventional souvenirs combined eventually formed the garden we continue to appreciate today. The Japanese Garden in the Hague still is the biggest Japanese Garden in the Netherlands and the only one stemming from 1910; the early 20th century.

Lady Daisy passed away in 1939 and the garden became a national monument in 2001. You can find more information about the garden’s history and how to get to the Clingendael estate by reading my previous article about the Japanese garden. The garden is open until October 27 in 2019 and there will, of course, be another chance next year! For now, I hope you enjoy the photos I took in the garden this month:


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