Instapicks: Inspiring Instagrammers I found in January 2015

Hi guys! I’ve decided to start a new montly feature: Instapicks. At the end of each month*, I will post my 5 favourite picks from Instagram that month. I’ve been discovering so many incredible photographers and travellers across the platform lately and there have been several instances where I just felt the need to share these photos with you on my blog. So, I will!

1. @stanflan

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goa get it girls!

A post shared by Sean Flanigan (@stanflan) on

Nobody will deny it: Instagram is full of perfect-looking bikini models on beautiful sandy beaches and other tropical locations. Sean Flanigan, however, isn’t afraid to shed some light on the reality of everyday life. I totally appreciate a little bit of aesthetic rawness and imperfection when I scroll through my feed. Something about this shot truly grabs me.

2. @littlebrownfox

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The beautiful thing about the sky and its cloudy compositions is that it will never ever be the same as it was a second ago, or, for that matter, a thousand years ago. Megan McLellan managed to capture this amazing natural composition that would otherwise have been lost to the endless sea of time.

3. @alice_gao

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Which way is up anyway

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Alice Gao created a visual masterpiece from a little section of mundane urban life, winter edition. There is something so still and eternal about this shot, yet also something that screams movement and mobility. Let’s hope nobody was stuck in traffic for too long.

4. @skwii

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A photo doesn’t always need to be the perfect composition with everything perfectly set up. Sometimes, looking up from wherever you stand is enough to make you fall in love with the planet all over again. I feel like these snowy trees made me pause for a second and appreciate nature for what it is.

5. @reallykindofamazing

A photographer’s greatest tools are the manipulation of light of colour (although colour is nothing without light, of course). If a photographer can skillfully play with both and create a clever composition like this one, I can’t help but chuckle in joy.

Inspiring Instagrammers: A Temporary Instagram Project

I don’t know how you all feel about smartphone photography, but I’ve come to appreciate it a lot more. I know many people sometimes complain about lack of quality and low-resolutions, but I feel like it’s often just a case of knowing how to find the good stuff online. Besides, there’s another kind of charm in taking the most amazing pictures without all that high-tech camera equipment as well (perfection is boring anyway).

Let me know: did you like this post? I think Instapicks is going to be a temporary project, since I’m currently researching Instagram academically. I’m going to have fun with it while it lasts, so I hope you will too!


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