Artist Spotlight: Illustrations by Minjae Lee

Featured in today’s spotlight is young South-Korean artist Lee Min Jae (a.k.a. GrenoMJ). Lee is an illustrator slash painter who prefers using mediums like markers and acrylic painter. Considering that, I don’t think I need to tell you how talented he is when you see his work.

Illustrations by Minjae Lee

Behind the Scenes of Minjae Lee’s Illustrations

His latest creation (“Circulation”, above) caught my eye while browsing Tumblr and I’d have to say it remains my favourite piece. There is something about her thoughtful pose and dreamy gaze that capture my attention. If you’d like to view the entrancing making of video, here’s the link.

There is something so satisfying about watching such a vibrant composition come to life from a bare piece of paper. Speeding-up the process makes it even more enjoyable almost like your ‘cheating’ on the actual work process; a project that must have taken hours and hours.

Illustrations by Minjae Lee: Colourful Explosions

Illustrations by Minjae Lee are characterised by multi-layered, colourful explosions that often feature portraits of feminine faces. The many layers hide such an immense reservoir of details, you will surely discover something new every time you look at one of Lee’s masterful pieces.

His portraits feature intricate patterns that spring from the subject’s skin, almost as a kind of bodily canvas within the canvas itself. Roses, droplets, leaves, but also barcodes come together as an eclectic but spectacular mixture of motifs. I think this is what makes Lee’s illustrations so hypnotic, every single time you see them.

Inspiration from Others

I don’t know about you, but when I find artists whom I find especially skillful, I always feel incredibly inspired. It makes me want to start drawing, painting, or designing myself. That’s why I like to share these artist spotlights once in a while, for the joy of finding an artist you find inspirational for your own creative development.

What about you? Do you like Lee’s illustrations, or is it not really your style? I personally tend to pick super colourful creations as my favourite pieces, no matter which genre. Do let me know what inspires you most in the comment section!

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