Rugged Curaçao: 5 Hotspots in Shete Boka National Park

When I say Curaçao, you will probably think of sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and waving palmtrees. Granted, you would certainly be right, but Curaçao has many different faces. One of those other faces is its rugged and rocky east coast, where you will find Shete Boka National Park. After spending some days snorkeling and sunbathing at the beach, you should put on your walking shoes and head to the untamed side of the island. Before you go, have a look at these 5 hotspots in Shete Boka National Park!

5 Hotspots in Shete Boka National Park

1. Boka Tabla: Inside a Natural Cavern

Boka Tabla will probably be the starting point of your visit to Shete Boka National Park, where you can look out from a platform to see amazing rocky features and easily reach an underground cavern to watch the waves thundering in. It feels amazing to get so close to the rolling waves, but try not to fall into the water! The wet rocks are always a bit slippery.

2. Boka Pistol: Exploding Waves

Boka Pistol is a very narrow inlet and possibly the most iconic feature of Shete Boka National Park. The force of nature has perfectly formed the inlet so that it regularly causes incoming waves to shoot up into the air, pretty explosively. Hence, the inlet got its rugged name “Pistol”, inspired by the shooting waves.

3. Mt Christoffel: The Famous Landmark of Curaçao

The views of the Christoffelberg (Mt Christoffel) whilst exploring the park are mighty fine. Since the Shete Boka National Park flows into the Christoffelpark as you head away from the coast, the 372 m mountain will be a constant feature in the rocky landscape.

4. Boka Kalki: Erosion Pools in the Rocks

Boka Kalki lies in-between Boka Tabla on the left side (northwestern direction) and Boka Pistol on the right side (southeastern direction). This part of the national park is known for its slightly less aggressive incoming waves. This gentler character is also partially responsible for creating a different type of erosive pattern. There are several descending pools of water within the rock.

5. Boka Wandomi: The Natural Bridge of Curaçao

Boka Wandomi is known as the Natural Bridge of Curaçao. The incoming waves have eroded this part of the coast into a bridge-like shape. This process happened over thousands of years. The rock gracefully arches over the water.

These photos were all taken back in the summer of 2009. My family and I explored the many cultural and natural features of the Caribbean island of Curaçao. In fact, I’ve already blogged about my visits to Ascension, Plasticbaai and Willemstad. The Shete Boka National Park (“Seven Coves National Park”) is not only known for its amazingly rugged coastal features, which includes 10 different coves and inlets. Moreover, it is famous for being home to three different species of nesting sea turtles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any sea turtles, but had the chance to take plenty of photos of that amazing coast!


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  1. your description of the “Boka Pistol” puts me in mind of the Maine coastline here. They have a phenomenon known as “Thunder Hole” and when the incoming waves hit the cavern in the rocks it creates the sound of thunder. The water in your pics is such a deep royal blue. Marvellous !

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