Golden Hour in Holland: Sunset at the Amsterdam Forest

This past week, the sun was shining for about three days in a row. So, naturally, I have been going outside a lot! A few days ago, I went cycling around Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) again to see the sunset. If you want to explore the natural areas round Amsterdam, this is a prime location to visit.

Golden hour in Holland

Sunset at the Amsterdam Forest

There is just something magical about that golden, yellow tone when the sun starts to set. Of course, the canals of Amsterdam are a great location to get your camera out and start snapping. If you’re more of a nature lover, however, then you should head to the Amsterdam Forest. Discover a different side to Amsterdam and avoid the cliché.

Golden hour in holland

Golden hour in Holland

Golden Hour in Holland

Amsterdamse Bos is a very popular spot for sportsy people to come and practice with their team/club. Whenever I’m at the Amsterdamse Bos there are always loads of people out rowing and jogging. Rowing is quite a popular sport in Amsterdam and Amstelveen as well, especially among students.

The weather has now gotten dreary again, but I managed to go out on many adventures the last few days, so keep an eye out for new posts about areas around Amsterdam coming soon!


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