Today: Golden Hour in Belgium

Golden hour in Belgium always looks best in summer, don’t you agree? The fields full of wheat and grass adopt a yellow colour that only appears during the sunny season. A little bit of sunshine can turn anything into a mesmerizing scene. The shadows become sharper and everything looks just a tiny bit more dramatic.

Yellow tones in the summer meadows during golden hour.

Purple flowers among the yellow tones in a field.

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great summer or winter, wherever you are. I’ve been hanging around in northern Belgium for the last couple of days. These photos were taken during a short bike trip on a warm summer evening.

Golden Hour in Belgium

The sun was slowly setting and I could faintly hear the jingle of an ice cream truck in the distance. Sadly, I wasn’t able catch up with it, so no ice cream for me. I stopped at one of the many cornfields and meadows in the area to snap a picture (therefore, I named this post “Zomerweide”, which translates into “summer meadow”).


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