Monschau is a very small but popular resort village in the Eifel region in Germany. The village attracts bus loads of elderly visitors every year, as well as casual tourists visiting the Eifel National Park (like moi). The village is famous for its well-preserved historic half-timber houses, which are typical of the region. Most of the little streets look like they could double as fairy tale movies sets for a period drama or typical Disney flick.

Impressive Geological History: 400 Million Years

The region around Monschau is not just known for its adorable villages, but also for its incredibly rich geological history. You can find traces of millions of years of history all around the region. The area belongs to a very old mountain belt and there used to be plenty of volcanic activity. This was due to the Eifel hotspot, which is still active today. The remaining craters of these old volcanoes have left many beautiful lakes in the Eifel region, like the Laacher See.

Visiting Monschau Village

I briefly visited the village last summer, although Christmas appears to be somewhat of an all-year round event in Monschau. We saw at least three specialty Christmas stores selling decorations and such. I guess I will use that as an excuse to post these photos in December!

You can read a bit more about the Eifel region here.