Instapicks: Genius Instagrammers from March 2015

It’s April 1st! My apologies, I failed to prepare an elaborate prank for this year. Instead, I will tell you a marvelous joke, the best you ever heard: Q: Why are dogs the worst at dancing the tango? A: Because they have two left feet. Hi-larious!

Anyway, enough with my awful humour. Spring has officially arrived! How has March 2015 been for you? I’m definitely awaiting more of those classically pink and pretty snapshots of cherry blossom trees. But first, let’s have a look at some of the best Instagram posts of the past month. Here are my 5 favourite Instapicks for March 2015.

Instapicks March 2015

1. @erickimberlin

I always admire photographers who can think outside of the box. Photographers who do not only play with the scene they capture, but also the technical possibilities of their camera. Eric Kimberlin has managed a playful, yet ghostly masterpiece, as far as I’m concerned.

2. @lafrobohemien

It seems I can’t help but share at least one photo by Sarah Waiswa in my Instapicks. I don’t know how else to put it: She is such a clever visual artist. She finds such simple, but unexpected ways to make powerful portraits. Just think of all the artistic and philosophical references that might be interpreted in this single Instagram post.

3. @michaelchristopherbrown

Michael Christopher Brown has his own photographic style. He has an eye for human experience, brought to his followers in such a crystal-clear fashion. His powerful images carry the potential to hit you right in the heart.

4. @manoukbob

Manouk Bob has a talent for capturing the bliss of travel and meeting people you’ve never met before. Her shots are no-nonsense wanderlust and pure appreciation of the travelling lifestyle.

5. @officialexplorer

Sometimes you don’t need an extremely out-of-the-box perspective that shows you the other side of everyday life. Sometimes somebody just gets the everyday spirit exactly right and Instagram is usually the perfect platform for delightfully mundane explorations. Check out Jason Watt for a down-to-earth feed for your following pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Instapicks: Genius Instagrammers from March 2015

  1. Nice joke, Roselinde, but the pics (images) did not print, only a large box where each should have been. Were they jpeg images or something else? 🙂

    1. Hahah thanks 🙂 The pics are actually directly embedded from Instagram (the images are hosted on Instagram), so something must have gone wrong on their side! I can see them again now, maybe try refreshing!

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