NASA’s Futuristic Space Travel Posters

Yesterday, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released the coolest collection of retro-styled space travel posters as part of their Visions of the Future project. What’s even better, the posters are free to download! I absolutely love them. Any type of travel stuff (even moon tourism) combined with graphic design really floats my boat. Not blogging about them isn’t even an option and nobody can stop me.

The Visions of the Future project is an imaginative endeavor by NASA/JPL to materialise the creative visions of our (increasingly realistic) future in space. The two posters above are my favourites from the collection.

Double Sunset on Kepler-16b

The poster of Kepler-16b depicts a rocky type of planet like our own, but apparently NASA isn’t entirely sure whether it really isn’t “a gas giant like Saturn”. That would definitely change things, although the ultra cold temperatures already makes the planet 100% uninhabitable. Anyhow, one thing that’s absolutely certain about Kepler-16b is its double sunset.

Auroras of Jupiter

NASA imagines a super show of aurora light beams in the “Jovian cloudscape” of Jupiter, since they have been observed to be much more dramatic than the type we see on Earth. I can already imagine catching a ride on one of those streamlined hot air balloons (although those are probably more ‘fiction’ than ‘science’).

Find your Free Poster

The poster for Venus also looks stunning. It’s hard to choose which one I should use as my desktop background. I like how they even made a tongue-in-the-cheek version for our own planet. Never mind space travel, there’s still an endless stretch of Earth to explore!  You can admire and download many more of these amazing space travel posters via the Visions of the Future website here.

Source: Visions of the Future (JPL NASA)