5 Funniest Search Terms of 2015

Today may be the first day of the new year (happy New Year!), but it’s still a Friday. Normally, I would tell you about an interesting place or topic by posting my usual 5 facts, but today is a special day. Just for the fun of it, I looked into my visitor statistics and browsed through all of the search terms of 2015. I managed to find 5 pretty eccentric ones in the list. It’s pretty amusing to see the weird ways in which some people end up on my blog! Here are the 5 Funniest Search Terms of 2015:

1. “hedgehog dung picture”

One of the search terms that caught my eye was this one: “hedgehog dung picture”. Apparently, somebody was very keen to find some visual material of hedgehog excrement. To each their own, I suppose! Unfortunately, I don’t think the person found what (s)he was looking for on my blog. I wrote a post about finding a hedgehog in my garden all the way back in 2011, so I can see why the term “hedgehog” can eventually lead to my blog. For the “dung” part, however, I have no excuse…

2. “silverfish plague”

Now, this search term actually makes sense. It still made me laugh out loud when I saw it, but I am certainly guilty of complaining about the armies of aggressive silverfish in my old dorm room in Amsterdam. I first blogged about them when I had just moved into my student room in a blog post called “My Amsterdam Manor/Silverfish Armageddon“. So yeah, I was basically asking for that search term.

3. “working down the sewers”

Admittedly, I can also kind of understand how this search term led to my blog. I wasn’t exactly hiding how I went down the drain and cheerfully waddled around in soup of poop. Actually, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I blogged about my underground adventure earlier this year when I went down the drains in Breda. I even posted a picture of my stylish turd-proof outfit. I am now also realising that this is the second time I’m mentioning excrement in this post.

4. “penguin biting boulders beach”

Another search term I had to include is the one about biting penguins at Boulders Beach. I mentioned the risk of getting bit when getting too close to penguins when I blogged about the famous penguin colony in South Africa. I’m assuming the person searching for this term was either afraid of getting bit by chomp-happy penguins, or was weirdly interested in taking a bite out of one of the penguins at Boulders Beach. I’m genuinely hoping for the first option. It’s probably the first option.

5. “pimp my chinese lantern”

Finally, the fifth search term on my list is about pimping lanterns. Chinese ones, for that matter. This term can be explained by my sudden crafts-and-DIY’s-are-SO-much-fun phase back in 2011. Oh, the deep, dark days of my teenage years. Back when I wasn’t as lazy as a retired pack mule. Anyway, I certainly did post about pimping lanterns, but I only talked about China in context of visiting Beijing in 2015. Sorry, I hope the lack of Chineseness didn’t disappoint the person in search of a pimped out Chinese lantern!

That’s it for today. I’m looking forward to seeing more eccentric search terms in 2016. Judging by last year’s searches, the next funniest search terms list will most likely contain at least one search term about animals and another one about stool. Talk to you later!


6 thoughts on “5 Funniest Search Terms of 2015

  1. Heh, I always love looking at the search terms as well. And then sometimes I feel guilty when I know the blog post won’t actually help them with what they were looking for. But maybe they enjoyed it anyway. 🙂

    1. Hahaha, I do the same exact thing! I always feel slightly inadequate for apparently having misled some of my visitors 😛

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