Your 10 Favourite Blog Posts of 2019

With only eight hours left until the start of a new decade, I wanted to look back on a few of my favourite travel moments from 2019. Thankfully, I usually blog about a lot of those moments (this blog will be 10 years old in March), so I can always check my own archive to flip through my memories.

This year was a tough one to figure out when it came to my freelance career and professional experiences. I still have stuff to figure out, but I’m definitely in a different place compared to the end of 2018. I know a lot more about where I’m going, as well as what kind of projects and people I want to spend my time and talents on. And aside from those vital life lessons, it was another year rich in health, family, friendships and travel. I’ll try to never take that for granted.

I’m also incredibly thankful that this was a year where a lot more people read my blog compared to previous years. I’m working on this blog and my open storytelling platform Globonaut at the same time, and both of them grew so much in readership. If you’re one of those loyal readers (old or new), I owe you one! Well, without further sentimental blabla, let’s look at your favourite blog posts of 2019:

The Japanese Garden in The Hague, Holland in autumn

10. This Hidden Japanese Garden in Holland Only Opens for Two Weeks in Autumn

There is a hidden garden in Holland that makes you feel like you’ve temporarily teleported to Japan. It’s such a delicate ecosystem with rare plants and trees that it only opens for two weeks in autumn. Read the full blog post and see my photos here.

9. City Guide: The 7 Coolest Things to do in Ostend, Belgium

Friends told me about Ostend once or twice before, a small seaside city in Belgium. But other than that vague idea, Ostend was still completely new to me. Until last month. That’s when I got word of a street art festival called ’The Crystal Ship’. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was enough to convince me to hop on the train. And let me tell you: I was not disappointed.

The shadow of a fern plant casts a pattern on tree stub.

8. 10 Essential Forest Photography Tips

There is something magical about forests: they make us feel small and insignificant, but they also help us reconnect to nature. It’s challenging to translate the beauty of forests into a single photo, but these 10 forest photography tips will help you gain focus.

The main market square in Wroclaw (capital of Lower Silesia, Poland) with colourful and historic architecture, as well as groups of people walking around

7. Why Lower Silesia in Poland Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

It wasn’t until the fall of the Berlin Wall that Poland could start restoring most heritage sites. Tourism was basically non-existent in the decades before the nineties. Now, in the early 21st century, the palaces and castles of Lower Silesia are finally getting a second chance at life. See for yourself here.

The real reason why Instagram is hiding likes explained

6. The Real Reason Why Instagram is Hiding Likes

Are you on Instagram? Then you’ve probably heard about the like count disappearing. Instagram says it’s all about mental health, but that’s definitely not the full story. I did the research and found some very interesting facts. Read the full blog post here.

My One True Passion Doesn't Exist

5. My One True Passion Doesn’t Exist

Although my blog is a self-titled one, I haven’t been sharing my personal thoughts much in the last few years. Because the past year, my mind was full of chaos. So I kept traveling, but not to escape or ‘find myself’. Now, I don’t think that one true passion exists and I didn’t want to sell that dream anymore. Read my thoughts here.

A green and yellow landscape in Moravian Tuscany with a blue sky

4. These 15 Landscape Photos Show Why Moravia is the ‘Tuscany of the Czech Republic’

This region in the Czech Republic is a well-kept secret among landscape photographers. Remember that old Windows XP background? Well, this is basically it in real life, but better. The Moravian region, especially ‘Moravian Tuscany’ in the southern half, is still off the beaten track for most tourists. But I suspect it won’t stay that way for long. Why? Well, have a look.

Mythical places in Europe: Plitvice Lakes National Park

3. Mythical Places in Europe that You Can Actually Visit

The best thing about living in Europe is that you can literally drive for a few hours and already find yourself in a completely different country with its own unique culture and history. Every country has its mythology that can still be traced back to several natural and cultural heritage sites today. Check out these mythical places in Europe that you can actually visit and appreciate in the 21st century.

Best street art in Brussels: murals in the Rainbow Quarter in Brussels

2. Where to Find the Best Street Art in Brussels

Sure, you can snack on one of those cliché waffles in Brussels, but have you seen the street art?! Just kidding, still love waffles (and Belgian chocolate), but the murals really are next level, OK? There’s a whole comic book street art route too. Read the full article here.

Two riders on horses gallop through the sunny forest.

1. These are the 5 Most Beautiful Forests in the Netherlands

You might not expect it from the Netherlands, but this tiny European country is basically a treasure chest for nature lovers. These are the five most beautiful forests in the Netherlands that I’ve been able to explore so far.

Ready for 2020? Happy New Year to you all! I hope all of you will be able to make many more wonderful memories with your loved ones in the next year and decade, hopefully too many to count or blog about. See you soon.


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