City Guide: 5 Things To Do in Antwerp in One Day

Antwerp is a city with many charms. The historic architecture makes Antwerp one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but its multicultural citizens add a touch of diversity. Antwerp offers more than enough cultural highlights, but it’s still small enough to explore in just a few hours. That’s what makes the city so perfect for a short day trip or two-day weekend in Belgium. Of course, it would (almost) be a waste if you spend the whole day only eating Belgian waffles. Looking to spend a wonderful day in Belgium’s second city? Maximize your time, and check out these 5 amazing things to do in Antwerp in one day.

5 Things to do in Antwerp

Things to do in Antwerp: a view of the Chinatown gate and the central station.1. Take a look at the Antwerp Chinatown

The Chinatown in Antwerp is the only officially recognized Chinatown in Belgium. Granted, it isn’t very big (it is actually more like a China Street), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to take a look at this colourful hotspot. The view of the captivating Central Station through the Chinatown gate alone is worth a few snapshots.

A red candy machine in Antwerp.A street view of Antwerp's Chinatown.

Things to do in Antwerp: ride the famous Ferris wheel.

2. Go See the Antwerp Ferris Wheel at Steenplein

The iconic Ferris wheel of Antwerp can be found near Steenplein (Stone Square), along the banks of the Scheldt river. You can go on the Ferris wheel, see the city from above and take a few photos of the romantic scenery. When you’re done, head to the river bank and take a leisurely walk along the waterfront. I promise this will make your day twice as lovely.

A small statue of the Virgin Mary in the streets of Antwerp.

The tower of the cathedral in Antwerp.

3. Admire the Architecture of the Cathedral of Our Lady

You can find statuettes of Virgin Mary can be found all over town, reflecting the city’s Roman Catholic background. Antwerp’s religious history culminates in the city’s architectural highlight: the Cathedral of Our Lady, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every Wednesday (from April to September), you can climb the tower and enjoy a stunning cityscape view from the top.

A view of the Kaasstraat in Antwerp.

A view of the Antwerp City Hall (facade).

4. Visit the Main Square and See the Antwerp City Hall

The Antwerp City Hall dates to the 16th century and is another important medieval landmark in town. You can find the city hall on the western side of the main square (Grote Markt). The building is a beautiful mix of both Flemish and Italian influences from the Renaissance era. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Various types of cacti in the Botanical Garden of Antwerp

Cacti in the Botanical Garden of Antwerp

5. Take a Peek at the Antwerp Botanical Garden

Finally, a nice way to finish your day is a quick visit to the Plantentuin, Antwerp’s tiny botanical garden that is over 200 years old. This green space is a little oasis of relaxing walking paths and a peacefully quiet atmosphere. You can peek inside of the greenhouses and see all sorts of adorable plants and a legion of prickly cacti.

Note: This post was updated in February 2017.


4 thoughts on “City Guide: 5 Things To Do in Antwerp in One Day

  1. Wat prachtig! Ik wil zo graag nog een keer naar Antwerpen toe, ik wist ook echt niet dat Antwerpen een Chinatown had!


    1. Dankjewel Femke! :D Antwerpen heeft zeker zijn mooie kanten, het is een bezoekje waard. Ik moet er wel bij zeggen dat de Chinatown echt maar één straatje is, maar toch! ;)

  2. I’ve passed in front of the Chinatown n a few occasions but didn’t walk through it. Maybe I’ll do so next time. Sadly, the Asian culinary scene is rather lacking in Brussels!

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