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Good evening! I wanted to share some exciting news with you: I will be participating in a photography exhibition in Rovaniemi, Finland. I will post more information about the exhibition soon, but for now I can tell you that the main topic of the exhibition is how young people perceive their own living environmentsMari Mäkiranta invited me to contribute to her research project last year and I was very happy to send in photos of Amsterdam and Breda (my hometown).

The film accompanying the photographs is already available on YouTube, my part starts at 09:47. From that point onwards, you can hear and see my words and photos (though not my actual voice).

If you’d like to view the original stills and stories behind them, have a look below:

De Oeverlanden (Amsterdam). I took this picture during one of my bike trips, whilst exploring the city, which is something I like to do in my spare time. These scottish highlanders allowed me to get pretty close and made for quite an interesting picture, though they were put there for a reason other than esthetic purposes (which I did not know at the time). Fun fact: Supposedly part of the area is known for being a “meeting place” for gay men, which apparently proved to be quite a nuisance. The introduction of highland cattle was to discourage such activity (I didn’t see anything, so I guess they do the job).

Diemer Vijfhoek (Amsterdam). I went to explore Diemer Vijfhoek (a.k.a. PEN-eiland) during another one of my bike trips. The Vijfhoek came into being around 1970 after land was dredged in service of the construction of a new powerplant. Nowadays, it is a pentagon-shaped peninsula reclaimed by nature with some fair views of IJmeer.

Piet Heinkade, Eastern Docklands (Amsterdam). The view of the traintracks from the Piet Heinkade is not something I would normally see, since I am usually riding one of those trains. It is like an entrance into the centre of town, so I thought it would be interesting to see this scene from a different perspective.

Our garden (Breda). This door is part of an old garden shed at my parental home. It has stood in our garden since my mother was a little girl and has managed to survive to this day.

Central Station (Amsterdam). You can find me at Amsterdam’s central station at least twice a week. The train as pictured above is the one I take most often, when I go back home to Breda for the weekends (and again back to Amsterdam for the next week).

Polderweg (Amsterdam). Herrons are a very common sight in Amsterdam. Anywhere where there’s water, you will see a few of these guys, hunting for fish. Considering that Amsterdam is not exactly an arid stretch of desert, they are pretty much everywhere. I frequently bike past this particular spot, usually on my way back home. It is definitely a popular herron hang-out, as many of them always flock together.


8 thoughts on “Exhibition in Finland

  1. Enjoyed both the stills and the video, Roselinde, with the rustic of the garden shed door and the highland bull blended with the metropolitan environment of the city, Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the photo of the bull that is mostly concealed by the greenery. Looks like an interesting project and I especially like how the garden shed door opens to the Amsterdam Centraal station.

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