Day Trip from Amsterdam: Hiking at the Hollands Duinreservaat

The Noord-Hollands Duinreservaat or North-Holland Dune Reserve is a long stretch of woodland and dunes on the west coast of the Netherlands. If you are travelling from Amsterdam and want to experience a day in the natural areas of the Netherlands, this is an awesome option for a refreshing day trip. I went on a solo day trip to the duinreservaat in November and explored areas close to Castricum. Here is a preview of the Duinreservaat in late autumn!

Exploring the Hollands Duinreservaat

I was initially following a route I found online that would eventually lead me to the sea. Unfortunately, I took too long taking paparazzi-esque photos of intimidating sheep. I have to admit, they were equally photogenic as they were intimidating. Beauties! I may have also gotten distracted by stuffed owls in the visitor center. I never actually reached the shore before it got dark, so I’ll have to go back to the coast soon to set foot on the beach again. Maybe when it’s less wintery.

How to Get to the Noord-hollands Duinreservaat

The best way to start your hike through the Noord-Hollands Duinreservaat is to take the train from Amsterdam and go to Castricum station. If you manage to complete the whole hike through the dunes and along the beach, you can either hike back to Castricum or catch a bus in Egmond aan Zee. Download the 9292 app for public transport information in the Netherlands.


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