Dance of the Dragonflies

On late summer days, around lakes, ponds and little puddles, you may be lucky enough to spot the dance of the dragonflies. Superficially, their mating may seem like a wonderfully romantic ordeal where the pair gracefully link up and synchronously perform a fluttery dance over the water. In reality, this dazzling performance is far from a gentle occasion of courtship and more a case of a female dragonfly trying to escape from an aggressive male who may very well drown her in the process. The female, in turn, will often fight back and maybe even murder the male if necessary. More information about this problematic partnership of dragonflies can be found here.

I took these photos almost exactly one year ago, when my friend Esther and I were on one of our annual summer trips to the beach. When we saw this little pond we stopped for about 10 minutes so I could give my (then) newly acquired zoom lens a first try. We actually went to the beach again yesterday! I suddenly remembered these photos. This time went to Noordwijk. We didn’t see any dragonflies this time, but plenty of hungry seagulls instead. I will tell you more about that in the next Weekly update on Monday.

See you!


4 thoughts on “Dance of the Dragonflies

  1. Sensational photos…I loved reading about the dragonfly’s courtship…lovely apart from the aggression of the male and the female eating the male!!!! Not a good ending for either really.

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